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UNCC charlotte project - Tough challenges to team

POSTED BY RajVinoth ON Oct-24-2011

No imageGRInfotech team got an tough deadline project to complete last week (October 19 2011). It involves adding a few web pages with more than 1000+ charity listings and adding credit card transactions, adm Read More..


Ayudha pooja celebration

POSTED BY RajVinoth ON Oct-11-2011

No imageOn Thursday 6th October 2011, we had the opportunity to celebrate Durga Puja. Our desired thing about the Festival is blessing with joy. The entire Festival was running way ahead of schedule, at le Read More..


20,000+ hours on odesk - celebrating Achivements

POSTED BY RajVinoth ON Aug-04-2011

No imageGRInfotech team crossed 20,000+ hours on odesk on August 2011.

GRInfotech Details on Odesk

This has been a major achievement for GRInfotech and in the past 4 years with o Read More..