Our 8 core Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) practice areas include reviews, inspections, audits, testing, assessments, standards, reporting and risk management.  We provide software testing and quality assurance services for commercial and federal clients.  We work with all types of processes, including industry standards and processes that our clients already have in place.  We believe that the "process" has to be of good quality in order for the "product" to be of good quality.

Technical Solutions

We utilize current technology and tools to evaluate software and systems.  Quality can be verified for all types of applications and systems.  We are test tools experts and, when applicable, advocates for automation; if automation is not applicable, we verify quality by other appropriate means.

We provide technical solutions for full life cycle IV V (Independent Verification & Validation).  We offer solutions for all types of software testing and quality assurance requirement.  We are software and system testing experts that provide superior IV&V services. We can test your system and apply industry standards to the process.

Independent Evaluations

GR Infotech provides an independent evaluation of the quality of the Application or System Under Test.  Our evaluation will determine if the software or system satisfies the customer"s requirements before implementation.

We will provide IV&V during the following phases of the software or systems life cycle:

We implement the following types of IV&V activities:

GR Infotech offers a variety of solutions for your software or system.  These solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:

How We Do It

Our participation & involvement during the software or systems life cycle will include but is not limited to the following activities: