UNCC charlotte project – Tough challenges to team

GRInfotech team got an tough deadline project to complete last week (February 19 2019). It involves adding a few web pages with more than 1000+ charity listings and adding credit card transactions, admin backends to view the details. The launch date is fixed so we have only 24-48 hours to complete the entire project.
Our client called up and asked whether GRInfotech team will be able to take up this challenging job. The technical team evaluated the project work and the project seems to be easier. But the deadline of 24-48 hrs that´s more challenging tasks.
We immediately deployed 4 programmers and split the work and done all the integration all nights and delivered the same.
The client is happy that we are able to jump in within short notice 2 hrs and completed the work.
The day we had launched and as usual there are more changes coming in and the team is able to deal all the issues and make the launch a great success event.
We had done coding approximately 100 hrs within 48 hrs (2days) time frame with 4 programmers. Every one is happy on the weekend and waiting for the Monday project launch !!

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