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Our Approach

GRInfotech approach is tuned to you! We focus on innovation and staying ahead. Our objective is to develop effective software application that matches the needs of your users and business goals.From start to completion of every project we undertake, GRInfotech applies the knowledge gained from years of experience working with projects of all sizes across various domains. We bring out the combination of our passion for emerging technologies and pragmatic business solutions for every project we undertake. Our proven ability to consistently deliver top-notch solutions is a culmination of all the finely-tuned processes and our approach to project management. Our approach to meet client requirements is flexible, with several factors contributing such as

  • Lucid understanding and agreement with clients on their needs and alignment of desired results with business goals.
  • Preference to project and resource planning to meet schedule, budget and quality expectations
  • Clear communication between clients and GRInfotech team throughout the entire project
  • Adherence to industry guidelines, adopting best practices and leveraging right technology for the project
  • Maintain high standards during the testing phase

How we do it?

We undergo various phasesduring the course of the entire project.

During the meeting phase, we will respond to all the questions you have, listen to your project requirements and goals. We will then come up with a short project proposal with technical specifications and an estimated cost. In the Scope of work phase, our SME and Technology consultant will specify the project requirements, deliverables and goals. A detailed description is prepared with how we do it, how will it work and what are the priorities. Secondly, we perform a cost benefit analysis to understand the viabilities and prioritise which features need to be focussed. This helps us ensure we have understood exactly what you need before we develop it. In the software architecture phase, the technical outline of the project is laid out by GRInfotech developers’ team. We undergo a review process, involving all major parties to confirm that all goals and requirements are met. In the internal testing phase, application is tested by in-house team before getting client’s approval. We also make minor tweaks in the application if required. In the Acceptance Testing Phase, application will be deployed onto client’s environment for end user acceptance testing. Bugs if any will be resolved, and updated version will be deployed to the production environment. In the Production Support Phase, GRInfotech provides free support for a month, additional support options are available based on monthly/yearly packages. Contact GRInfotech project managers, to know more regarding this.

Getting things done!

Our approach explained step by step

We employ a collaborative model, where we engage with clients to analyze, design, develop, deploy and integrate the systems. This is an ideal way to deal with changing circumstances, and allows you to get in touch with your target market early on in the process. Credits to this model, where you avoid a situation after long processing time, your product is still not quite what your customers expect. Besides, it prevents unnecessarily high development costs and saves time. This implies our pragmatic approach is not only desirable, it is significant!


Determine the requirements, what do you want and what your users want! In this step, we explore the business objective and then identify the detailed processes to attain solution, define the requirements and scope of the project.


Define the objectives of the application, various components involved in the project and gain clarity.


Based on the objectives, design each component and verify its functionality.


After approval of technical design, we focus on the programming where we convert apparently complex functionalities and processes into flexible and simple ones.


After valuation of the code, we reach the end phase of development cycle. Test the application and find out whether it meets the requirements, and if needed we perform modifications. And after this the application/product is ready for actual roll out.


Our approach for software development is Agile Methodology. At GRInfotech we are accustomed to the practices of agile methodology, we can identify the sprints of strategic significance relevant to business objective of the application. This approach greatly reduces the cost and time of development.

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Anand is very reliable, communicates thoroughly and was able to rapidly understand our systems and requirements. He offers solutions as well as listens to feedback and we will continue to work with him in the future.

BonaventuraJP, Tokyo, Japan

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