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Towards a sustainable world powered by smart IT solutions

The energy market has changed a lot over the last few decades. The integration of renewables to the energy mix is become more significant. Besides, Sustainability has become a central theme for many organizations. With an effort to reduce CO2 levels organizations are working towards becoming energy neutral, this has gradually led to energy transition. As a consequence, we have witnessed large scale solar PV installations, ever-growing demand for offshore windfarms and e-bikes, electric cars changing the game for urban mobility. Further, modern energy applications are designed to integrate sustainable energy sources and energy storage systems to attain an  eco-friendly energy generation.


Energy companies and utilities are in a quest to power the world solely by renewables, however there are impediments towards technology adoption such as geopolitical issues, regulatory problems, lack of subsidies, increased competition, political scenario, lack of sustainable and smart solutions in energy management, as well as security and visibility issues across the value chain. In this regard, GRInfotech partners with renewable energy firms to turn these challenges into opportunities by strengthening their core business, enhancing operational efficiencies and expand their business operations. We work towards offering an ideal solution by utilizing Advanced Analytical Models, SaaS applications, dedicated Renewable Data Management and Monitoring Platform, IoT enabled energy applications etc. We have an outstanding team of technology leaders, consultants and developers who all have a shared passion for innovation and sustainability. We keep a close eye on the emerging trends and developments in the market and look forward to playing a pioneering role. We empower energy firms, technical and non-technical users alike, to explore, interpret, visualize and impart valuable information.


What we offer?

Smart IT solutions for Renewable Energy and beyond!

Our energy consultants assist in enhancing performance across the industry value chain, provide expertise in energy generation methods and storage, transmission, distribution and retail, energy trading solutions. We also work with clients to bolster key capabilities, drawing on our prior knowledge and experience to optimize the organization, enhance operational performance and to refine corporate and customer strategies.


At corporate level, our technology consultants collaborate with the energy companies to:

  • Build an investment strategy.
  • Assess renewable industry trends and their influence on utilities.
  • Suggest location-specific technologies, implement new business models and expansion strategies.
  • Instil a result-driven and positive culture and ensure effective business decisions.


At the business level, GRInfotech helps clients to:

  • Optimize energy generation methods.
  • Adhere to regulatory frameworks and implement latest industry practices.
  • Improve energy storage strategies and energy trading techniques
  • Capitalize on latest technology platforms and assist in business expansion.


Our key IT services

  • Renewable Data Analytics and Management
  • Renewable Energy Asset Management
  • Software Products for Renewables
  • Effective SaaS Infrastructure
  • Monitoring and Performance Reporting Applications
  • Advanced Forecasting Algorithms
  • Energy Cloud


What makes us unique?

At GRInfotech we support the renewable energy revolution by providing our clients with solutions to accelerate their business, reduce costs and enhance productivity.


At GRInfotech, we are progressive and inquisitive. We see a real opportunity to develop an innovative and resolute product for our customers that serves their present and future needs.


GRInfotech is modern and vibrant. We share new ideas and are never afraid to embark on new opportunities. These qualities lead our team culture which drives us to accomplish greater things.

Committed to sustainability

As a distributive technology company, we strive to make sustainability accessible and we are committed to enhance the quality of life for present and future generations.


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