Company Overview:

Since 2005, GRInfotech has been providing IT solutions for customers in various branches and industries. Our expertise and experience in the area of Software and Application Development, Retail and E-commerce, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Education and e-learning, Digital Media and Marketing is immense and we are active in these markets and look forward to expand our domains in the future. With a decade of experience in IT industry, we know exactly which complex IT challenges you are facing and what solutions are needed for this. Besides, ourdedicated Technology consultants and subject matter experts (SME) will bring new ideas to the table, offer customized and cost-effective solutions based on client’s requirements and assist them in improving the strategy, organisation operations and information systems. Theteam of experienced developers at GRInfotech have relevant skillsets and specialised knowledge in respective domains that makes your processes more efficient, flexible, simpler, smarter and in particular more sustainable.

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Helping businesses evolve by delivering most eminent technology and IT solutions.

GRInfotech has wide experience in different markets. Our objective is to transform our know-how into valuable technology that helps businesses in various sectors. We work on markets such as Software and Application Development, Retail and E-commerce, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Education and e-learning, Digital Media and Marketing.


Digitalize and Digitize your healthcare business to take on the future.

Inorder to keep pace with the technological advancements, that have altered nearly every aspect of our lifestyle, even Healthcare industry is on the verge of digital revolution. Digital healthcare has made it possible for the consumers to access their medical records through their mobile devices, track their medical history, monitor essential health signs and even perform certain medical tests at home. It provides medical doctors and healthcare organisations the platform and technologies that are vital to deliver a patient-friendly, outcome focused continuum of care.Right from your local medical clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical industry are investing on digital technologies to enhance processes, reduce costs, speedup research and improve productivity.

Healthcare players are revamping their business models with ideal IT healthcare solutions to deliver a superior consumer experience and improve operational processes through automation and integration, whilst adhering to the industry regulatory frameworks. Henceit is critical that

you have a cutting-edge IT solution provider that can understand your requirements and come up with solutions to stay ahead of your competitors.

At GRInfotech, with global experience across multiple industries and a vision for next-gen healthcare technology coupled with 14 years of expertise in providing software and technology solutions for businesses across industry verticals can help you deliver innovation. In this regard, GRInfotech helps healthcare companies drive necessary transformation and gain competitive advantage through digitally-enabled operations.Our healthcare solutions are aimed at small and medium healthcare companies that are looking to build scalable and secure IT solutions to improve patient’s care and experience. Primarily, our healthcare care IT services can be availed by hospitals, biomedical and biotech research institutes, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals.The services include building a website for your organisation, create medical record systems, develop complex medical software and mobile applications and analysing medical data, we can be your entrusted IT partner for scaling up your software infrastructure.

Our Key Healthcare IT Services

Leveraging the power of technologies to benefit the users!

  • Custom Medical Applications Development
  • Application Management Services
  • Medical Data Management and Analytics
  • Hospital Management Software
  • Medical Imaging and Visualization
  • IoT Solutions
  • Data Storage and Security

How do we work?

Our healthcare software development is based on Agile methodology and work sequences are listed below:

Work with a dynamic and focussed group

We have a positive experience in working with healthcare and wearable tech firms earlier. For example, our team coordinated with FitBit users and healthcare firm to develop a health tracking and monitoring software prototype to improve the user experience.


Adherence with the medical industry standards

Aware of health IT standards such as HL7, FHIR, DICOM and PACS for medical images, and C-CDA for clinical document architecture.


GRInfotech helps healthcare organisationsbuild, acquire and integrate software solutions to deliver results for their healthcare practice. Ranging from custom software development, developing business intelligence tools to IoT solutions, we have the experience and expertise to help your business grow.

We develop software solutions and customized applications that are tailored to your unique needs. Provide complete control over design and operations, eye-for detail towards software usability and ensure compliance with regional and industry frameworks.

Our team of Technology consultants and developers have knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to develop customized software applications and IT services to cater your needs. For instance, it includes electronic medical record management software, billing and patient management software, remote health monitoring applications, CMS based websites for hospitals, real-time patient monitoring tools, video sharing and appointment scheduling applications.


Simply share your project description or initial ideal with us, and we will tailor an innovative and brand-new healthcare system for you!


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Need forward-thinking software solutions?

Our projects are driven by great ideas. We will be glad to hear yours too. Strike up a conversation with us!

It was a great experience working with Anand, from start to finish we kept a strong focus to deliver results on time which reduced wasted time and money. I am very happy with the finished product and excited about the new opportunities this project has opened up for me. I will be continuing to work with Anand in the future.

James, Canada