Full Stack Development

What is full stack?

Full stack means, a collection of technologies needed to complete the project. Example,

1. LAMP full stack web development (Linux Apache MySQL, PHP)
2. LEMP full stack web development (Linux Nginx MySQL, PHP)
3. MEAN full stack web development (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS)
4. C# full stack web development (C# – Dot Net Core, Angular, MS SQL)

What full stack developer do?

A full stack developer is a person who has the functional knowledge and ability to take the
concept and turn it into a complete product. The major role and responsibility for a full stack
developer is to work font-end and back-end technologies and manage database, web server.


Skills Sets for Full stack Developers


Front End

User experience one of important criteria to measure success of the project, the UX and UI
is implemented using front end technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. There are modern
frameworks / libraries also available to make front end developer life easier. E.g., Angular, React
JS, Vue JS, JQuery, SASS, LESS, Bootstrap, Material Design.

Back End

The main responsibly of the back end developer is to manage the business logic, storing
data and API resources for the project. In addition to that they are able to handle database, web
server, security and architecture of a system. Full stack developer must have strong knowledge i n
any one of the server side programming like PHP, C#, NodeJS etc.


DevOps” means Development and Operations. The main work is, to coordinate across
the entire application life cycle, from development, testing to deployment and operations.
Configure and manage web application infrastructure, source control, web server configuration,
deployment and regulate application releases.


Any project/product needs a data base to store and retrieve data. The full stack
developers able to write scripts to manage data (insert, update, select, delete) into database.
Should have knowledge in functions, views, stored procedures, triggers in any one of the most
commonly used databases like MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, MS SQL.

Mobile Apps

Ability to learn and develop the cross platform native application using
Flutter Framework and React Native. These mobile apps are more closely connect with Web API’s
to fetch and display in application, Designing user friendly screens, adopting UX, nice page
transitions and manage data flow in application.


1. The full stack developer involves, complete life cycle of project development.
2. They are must be capable of designing prototype, development, testing and deployment
and releases of project.
3. Full stack developers able to provide complete solution to problems, think globally,
creative and mange time effectively.


1. Full stack developers cannot be expert in one skill. They have enough knowledge in
multiple skills to manage project independently.
2. Risk and Can Delay – When a single person handles all the responsibilities, there might
be some risk when they are in leave or can cause delay when dealing heavy computation and
data manipulation on one end.

Wrapping Up

As a full stack developer, you have to keep learning new updates in technology, strengthen
the core skills in any one of the full stack path, you don’t want to be master in all the skills, but
you must have capability to work on these technologies. First learn the concept, then practice and
implement it in possible places.

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