About Us

We build strategic solutions in web and mobile technologies, focused solely on delivering high rich user experiences.

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

GR Infotech delivers smart solutions to your IT problems with complete technical support and good communication found at large companies with potential cost savings. At GR Infotech we provide high quality solutions at an affordable prices. Check out our current projects and feedbacks.

GR Infotech suggest Agile model development so that we can be successful in all projects we undertake. The key thing is you would know within a days time how we can be successful and you don´t have to wait for months. We will conduct daily scrum meetings and update on the site, so that you can review the project projects and call us to go through the list of updates on daily basis. We will be happy to have you on our regular scrum meetings.

Our Designing experts and coders are pride of their work and the feedbacks received from clients. All our designers and programmers are Passionateon their work and they give attention to detail on each and every small aspects. There is much more to show, but we strongly recommend you to explore by calling us and work with us at 5 days no obligation work style by Hiring us.

Our Approach

We are 100% Transparent in our development work process.

We will let you know immediately if some of the work is not possible by us. We don’t take work which cannot be completed by us and waste time on both ends.

We have strict NDA’s and we will not disclose any internal details of the project to others and you will own the code we developed.

To be your partner for software development and work on long term basis and do multiple projects.

To Leverage our business model for the success of our customers.

To provide elegant solutions, solid execution and build something together (agile approach).

Strategic research & development goes into every development project to ensure highest quality, timely delivery and with reasonable budget.

Our Core Values

Everything we do at Success Factors is based on these simple core values. View our online presentation slides which will tell about more on the values we provide for each of the projects.

Motivation: We LOVE what we do!
Satisfy our customers: Our highest goal − and everything we do drives it.
Kaizen!: Constant improvement, the blend of “kai” meaning “change” and “zen” meaning “for the better”.
Celebrate accomplishment: But also learn from our mistakes.
Cultivate success: Develop, reward, and retain our own high-performers.
Collaborate: Work together to become more efficient and successful.
Respect: Communicate clearly and honestly.
Win: But do it ethically and legally.
Business Execution: Have the right people working on the right things at the right time.