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About Mobile App Development

With a decade experience in mobile app development, we can help you bring your android and iOS mobile application idea to life. We work towards perfecting the visual and functionality aspect of every mobile application. We strive towards developing compelling mobile applications that offers lasting value to our customers. Our vast understanding of mobile-based technology empowers us to bring the highest-level expertise to your organization.

Our Services

iOS App Development

The growing popularity of Apple devices has made iOS the default choice for developers designing mobile applications for business. The iOS operating system created by Apple for iPhone, iPad was deemed to be closed source software. iOS is a good solution for commercial mobile app development, which is largely due to the stability of UNIX based architecture and popularity of Apple devices.

At GRInfotech our developers have developed many iOS applications using native APIs and application frameworks. Our iOS developers use Swift and Objective-C programming languages and native iOS libraries to achieve the top performance for each iOS app they develop. Besides, we build, deploy and deliver aesthetically pleasing iOS apps using Flutter. We deliver both front-end applications and back-end services.  We deliver high quality apps for wide range of industries ranging from e-Commerce to Entertainment, both for startups and enterprises. From ideation process to maintenance we will be there for you at every step on the road.  Credits to out QA process, we will help you to attain your business goals by developing iOS apps that is of highest quality and crash-free. As experts in iOS app development, coupled with our proactive approach enables to find right approach and technologies for every project.

Android App Development

At GRInfotech we deliver Android applications with strong focus on usability, outstanding an UX optimized design and integration with company’s internal software solution. Android, which is created as an open system, has become popular as a platform that can integrate its application into corporate systems. It is feasible to implement custom solutions and final versions of mobile applications on multiple devices with varying performance levels.  Our developers are highly experienced in Android app development, especially Kotlin the app language supported by Google. The apps built using Kotlin are with high security standards in its core, which imposes no runtime overhead and is fully compatible with Java.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App development employs native app features and capabilities and also serves to put organisations and developers on the path towards the adoption of HTML5 mobile app development. Basically, it is a native app that runs most of its UI in an embedded browser component. Whilst native applications can boost speed and maximize features, web-based apps are cost-effective and offers compatibility with different platforms. Hence combining the benefits of both into a unique hybrid app framework can yield great results. At GRInfotech we offer cross-platform app development services with React Native, which allows you to get great app with top-notch efficiency, speed, look and feel.

Our Development Process

Every app developed at GRInfotech is backed by a thorough market research, detailed analysis of required technologies, stack and QA process that guarantees its marketability. At GRInfotech we follow a streamlined process as depicted below, to create precise and quality applications for your enterprise. We formulate a blueprint for every project, work with our expert developers to optimize the needs and decide the architectural framework. Besides, we ensure to enhance and revamp the UI to boost the customer engagement, engage in QA process and provide constant upgrades.

Technologies  we leverage


Expertise services : Native, reactive and Flutter app development, code review and maintenance, library development, code audit, DevTools development and customer launcher development.

Why hire us?

  • Flexible development process
  • Solid workflow with 100 % Transparency
  • Prior project estimate and assessment of client needs
  • Excellent reporting and analysis
  • Top notch support and maintenance
  • Versatility in architecture creation and prototyping

Read more about our experience, look at our portfolio for the apps we’ve created, and don’t hesitate to estimate your mobile app project or contact us in case you have more questions.

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