Why Us

Discover the top reasons to choose GR Infotech as your software service providers.


You can expect the same 110% dedication from the pre-sales to implementation on each projects.

Flexibility, responsiveness and quick delivery

Our process is extremely flexible and easily customizable according to your needs.

Our response time is comparatively quicker and its usually within 2 min – 6 hrs timeframe.

Quality and Results

We maintain stringent quality checks before delivery of the projects and achieve 99% in success results of the projects. More than 95% of the projects are awarded with high rating on the online websites. Click here to view some of the project results.

Upfront saying NO if we are not able to do the work.

Before we take on a new project, we evaluate….

  • Your needs and problems
  • Your expected delivery date
  • Our available resources
  • Our capability to complete the project with good quality and within budget.

If we got 90% confident level on the above four line items, then only we will start the project otherwise we say NO to that project upfront within a few discussion.

It will save time for both of us. ? 🙂 Our goal is to deliver solutions with profits for our clients and ours.


We are not afraid of telling about the project failure conditions and any symptoms of project going in wrong direction upfront. We know it may lead to business failures, but in most of the cases when we talk we end up with solutions rather than hiding the project issues.


Single point of contact

For each project executed at GR Infotech, we have single point of contact throughout the project. This will avoid any miscommunication between our clients and our team. Also we have escalation policies if we can´t meet your expectations.

  • We work for our Customer´s success
  • We build long term relationships based on trust
  • We focus on profitable growth
  • We work as a team
  • We lead by example
  • We conduct ourselves with integrity
  • We respect & empower the individual
  • We value initiative & innovation
  • We are a learning organisation
  • We honour our commitments
  • We align our interests with the Customers interests

Other Reasons

  • Innovative solutions provided with customers requirements in mind with on-time and under budget delivery
  • Delivering excellence is our motto
  • We shape your business ideas into reality by providing expert business solutions
  • We always think outside the box to provide expert solutions
  • We follow Agile development and Test Driven methodology to provide rapid turnover to customers projects and with quality
  • We posses SME ( Subject Matter Experts ) and industry standard solutions
  • Save your money as we provide quality solutions in a cost effective manner
  • State of the art and Industry standard infrastructure with good security
  • Highly qualified, dedicated and well trained engineers to provide expert solutions for customers business needs