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With technological advancements, computers have become a vital part of learning as well as teaching. Students have become more tech-savvy than ever and anticipate their education to provide high-quality digital learning experience. Digital experience has led to higher demand for personalized learning materials, support and interaction systems. This technological adoption has led to the emergence of e-learning platforms, which caters the requirements of modern-day learners. Besides, e-Learning has reformulated some strategies and concepts of teaching that has enabled the teaching community to perform efficiently. However, it is yet to be completely digitalized few issues are still existing which includes lack of dedicated learning resources, accessibility issues, inadequate research and development, lack of collaboration between academicians and parents, administrative activities still performed on papers and so on.

To address the challenges, we at GRInfotech are ready to cater the digital needs of your educational institution. Ranging from online enrolment systems to digital coursework, we build most intuitive digital platforms customized based on your needs. These digital tools enhance the learning experience, leads to better student engagement and communication. We also work towards emerging learning technologies to make the work simpler and improve the workflow.


Why GRInfotech?

GRInfotech aims to assist education industry in delivering top-notch student services. We blend education and training methods together coupled with latest technology platforms to provide an enriched learning experience to the students and corporate learner. Our developers create robust and transparent learning portals, apps and educational software which literally automates the teaching process, also providing convenience, flexibility and better access. Our custom education software development services and learning management software are tailored to enhance learning experience, empower the academicians and improve the operational agility and efficiency.

Special Features

  • Tailor-made solutions focused towards knowledge sharing
  • Provide turnkey e-Learning solutions based on client’s requirements
  • Design professional learning plans to support academicians
  • Develop innovative learning models and active learning spaces for future learners
  • Collaborative efforts during the ideation phase

Our key IT services are

  • Web-based SaaS
  • Desktop and mobile learning environments
  • Web-based Training
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms
  • Online portal and Network solutions for schools
  • Interactive Visualization Apps
  • Cloud-based Data Management platforms
  • Hybrid Learning Systems
  • Online Training and Assessment software


At GRInfotech, we assist educational institutes to revamp their teaching methodologies, institutional operations and business models. Through our technology expertise, we develop better learning experience, facilitate administration activities, manage costs, create roadmaps and provide strategies to meet evolving learning requirements.

Various software and IT solutions such as Data Maintenance and Integration, modernizing Data infrastructure, developing adaptive learning and talent development systems, quiz & gaming apps and real-time simulation systems.

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